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11th International Public Markets Conference

Public Markets Featured

<p class="font_8">Hosted by Project for Public Spaces, in partnership with St. Lawrence Market, the City of Toronto Economic Development Food Cluster Division, and marketcityTO.</p>
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<p class="font_8">The event drew 376 global leaders, including market managers, government, academia, civic society and the private sector from 130 cities and 23 countries. It was an incredible event and a milestone in our journey to become a Market City!</p>
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<p class="font_8">The conference allowed Toronto market leaders to collaborate, share ideas, and learn from a global network of peers. It showcased Toronto’s grassroots approach to building a Market City and, most importantly, spurred much-needed action in our city.</p>
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<p class="font_8">Check the <a href=""><u>conference program.</u></a> Enjoy this beautiful <a href=";t=197s"><u>video</u></a> and read the Project for Public Spaces <a href=""><u>Report</u></a>!</p>

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